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Made affordable


Premium Influencer Marketing Agency in Singapore.

Taproot Singapore provides affordable data-driven influencer marketing campaigns. 

What sets us apart?

AI-Influencer Marketing Platform

Taproot uses in-depth audience and engagement analytics - finding the best-suited influencers for your brands and products.


Our influencers' selection is based on their followers' demographics i.e. are the followers real and active, followers' age, gender, education level, and martial status, followers' interests, followers' brand affinity towards your brand, products and services, etc to ensure that you are targeting the right followers to buy from you.

For each influencer we engaged, we also analyse the sentiment of their posts' comments and you can be further assured with our Brand Safety Analysis that ensure your product or service does not appear next to inappropriate content. 

Local Celebrities & KOLs at affordable rates

We work on a network of 30,000+ mega to micro-influencers influencers in Singapore, Malaysia, and Hong Kong with a predominant local follower base.

With our influencer agency's wide network of celebrities, media channels, and influencers, we provide KOLs at affordable rates across Instagram, TikTok, Facebook, and Little Red Book (小红书) for clients in the luxury, F&B, FMCG, retail, consumer electronics, and travel industries.

Strategic Influencer Campaign Planning

Our services include planning your campaign mechanics and streamlining the influencer campaign from influencer marketing, ambassador programme, user generated content (UGC), live steaming, to event appearance.

On top of that, with our team of over 15 years of client's side regional marketing and PR experience in the F&B, retail, and Public Service industries, we can further advise on how influencer marketing fits into your marketing plan.

Taproot Influencer Marketing Agency Singapore Small Business

FOR SMALL Business

The right influencer can help you get the exposure you need for your business; and being small does not mean it is too costly to engage Influencers.

Taproot Singapore's affordable influencer marketing packages are crafted specifically for small businesses.

Taproot Influencer Marketing Agency Singapore For Restaurant & Retail Chains


Wish to engage the right celebrity or mega-influencers as your brand ambassadors; or are you looking for nano-and micro-influencers for your campaigns and promotions? 

Focusing on data-driven influencer marketing, Taproot Singapore work with the right influencers with followers' demographics aligned to your campaigns for maximum ROI.

Taproot Influencer Marketing Agency Singapore


Love food, fashion, travel, and beauty?


We are looking for Singapore and Malaysia Content Creators to join our community to collaborate with awesome brands!

We will match you with brands that align to your content style and personality.

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