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Advanced Social Media Instagram Marketing Course

Unlock the Secrets to Increase Social Media Followers and Engagement

Is Instagram Marketing Still Relevant?

In Singapore, Instagram remains a vital component of digital marketing strategies, boasting a significant user base of 3.15 million as of early 2024. This represents 52.2% of the total population, underscoring the platform's extensive reach in the local market (DataReportal – Global Digital Insights).

Instagram's enduring popularity in Singapore, particularly among Millennial and Gen Z users aged 18-34, highlights its importance for brands seeking to engage with an active, affluent audience that values authenticity, creativity, and community interaction.

Through strategic content creation and optimised usage of IG Post, Reels, and Stories, businesses can effectively reach and resonate with their target demographics, fostering a strong community and enhancing their social media presence.

Course Overview

This 2-hour intensive Instagram marketing course skips the basics and delves straight into advanced Instagram marketing strategies, offering insider knowledge and strategies utilised by influencers in Singapore. 

You will learn closely guarded strategies unknown to most (including agencies) from secrets of creating viral content, hashtag strategies (yes, hashtags are still important if you know the trick), how to get up to Top Post, to Instagram SEO, etc to accelerate your follower growth and engagement exponentially.

Learning Units

  • Restart Your Instagram Profile for Success

  • Formulate Effective Instagram Marketing Strategies

  • Master Instagram SEO

  • Create Viral Content

  • Secrets to:

    • Getting Your Content Viral!

    • Growing Followers

    • Getting High Engagement

  • Evaluate Marketing Strategies

Skills You Will Gain

Instagram SEO: To increase your visibility to your target audience and to outperform your competitors.


Viral Content Creation: Learn to craft compelling Instagram content and navigate the algorithm to maximise content's visibility to a broader audience.


Organic Followers and Engagement Growth Techniques: To build your presence and influence on Instagram.

Course Fees



Our Social Media Instagram Marketing Course is exclusive and not open to all registrants.


This course is designed only for individuals familiar with Instagram's environment and to ensure a productive learning experience where participants are on the same pace, we conduct a thorough screening process to select eligible participants.

As we wish to truly help business owners, this course is only open to brands (excluding digital agencies, training organisations and business coaches). Individuals seeking to grow their personal Instagram accounts are welcome.

Course Schedule (slot only open once a month)

Our Advanced Social Media Instagram Marketing Course is a prestigious opportunity, available only once a month.


Look out for our next course date in end June 2024!

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