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Influencer Marketing For Small Businesses

If you are wondering if you could do Influencer marketing with less than $1500? Well, talk to us, and you will find out.

Thrift Shop

Personalised selection of Singapore influencers that matches your brand, products, and campaign needs.

Taproot Express: Nano-and Micro-Influencer Marketing Service

Industries Taproot Express Serves:

  • Consumer Electronics

  • F&B: Restaurants, Cafes, Kiosks, Home Chefs, and Homebakers

  • FMCG: Food and Household Products

  • Retail


For other industries, click here.

Social Media Channels

  • Instagram

  • Tiktok

  • 小红书 (Little Red Book)

Gain Visibility


Product Launch

New Store Opening

New Product Launch

Complimentary Instagram Training (for our clients)*

Why are we providing this free training?

Our business is not in training, but because we are in the influencer marketing business, helping you understand the workings of Instagram engagement helps us in our business.

If you ever wondered how others successfully grow their fans organically or are puzzled why you are stuck with just 30 likes/post no matter how you try, our Advance Social Media Instagram Marketing Course training aims to dispel these myths for you.

*For retainer client. T&Cs apply.

Your relationship with us does not end there after one Influencer Campaign. If you have any queries on Instagram, in the capacity of a business friend, feel free to WhatsApp us anytime. We are happy to exchange pointers in learning together.

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Instagram Advice

Wish to find out more on how to leverage
nano-and micro-influencers to boost your marketing?


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