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Sharing Dim Sum
About Taproot

Data-Driven Influencer Marketing Agency in Singapore

At Taproot, we are more than the typical influencer marketing agency. 


We don't just pick influencers based on looks or follower count; we delve deep into the demographics of their followers, ensuring a seamless alignment with our clients' brand and products. It is about connecting the right message with the right audience, and we are the experts at making that happen.

More Than Business

While we connect celebrities and mega-influencers to FMCG, travel, retail, and restaurant chains, we have not forgotten our roots. Our love for the shared economy, symbolised by our name and logo, drives us to continue linking smaller brands with aspiring content creators, making influencer marketing affordable and accessible to all.

This is also the reason why we provide a complimentary Advance Social Media Instagram Marketing Course for our retainer clients who are SMEs because we believe in giving back, to share our knowledge with fellow business owners.

We work on the concept that business is not a one-time transaction, but a connection that lasts a lifetime. As our tagline goes... “It is all about the People, it is the People that matters.”

Wish to find out more on how to leverage
nano-and micro-influencers to boost your marketing?


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